Sunday, 23 August 2015


Good morning, everyone.  How did you sleep last night?  It was hot and humid here but it wasn't too bad for me because of a floor fan, a ceiling fan and a quiltless cover.  I hadn't remade my bed after stripping the sheets for washing so I didn't put the quilt in the cover and it was just right.  I do like the feeling of being under a cover when I sleep but a quilt would have been wa-a-ay too hot.  The sun has just started shining as I type and, after quickly checking the BBC weather forecast, I see that the rain has been pushed back and it is predicting gorgeous sunshine for most of the day!

It may have been very hot yesterday but I still spent some time in the kitchen, which tends to be cooler anyway, being more or less north facing.  I made two batches of bread and got that mince cooked.  I had a mixture of turkey and pork mince, not as flavoursome as beef mince but I reckoned it would be OK with my usual additions and it was.  The thing about mince is that I always give it long, slow cooking to make it really soft and 'unctious' (as the Hairy Bikers are so fond of saying) and to thicken the sauce.  I also add some oats and some lentils.  It worked well and two trays of mince plus three cans of chopped tomatoes and assorted frozen veg bits and bobs has given me eleven portions, one of which I had last night under a nice cheesy crumble topping with the first of the runner beans (and it was all splendid!).

I didn't go swimming yesterday and missed it so as soon as I've finished this I'm off for an early morning swim.  I read that swimming in the morning is best from the point of view of weight loss/calories, etc.  It said that because you haven't eaten all night, your body starts to use fat resources and also it ups your metabolism for much of the rest of the day.  I have no idea how true that is but I certainly do like an early morning swim and if there are other specific advantages to that time, good!

It was certainly a good drying day yesterday.  It wasn't just the sun, there was also a fresh breeze and as I pegged one load out, the lot before was ready to bring in.  I was very virtuous and ironed the lot so the basket is empty and I am all up to date.

As for today, well, there's swimming and Beth, Al and I are having lunch together.  I have to do some tidying up and putting away and then . . . who knows.  Maybe some knitting, maybe some sewing, more than likely some snoozing.

Breakfast:  tomatoes on toast (I just picked about fifteen tomatoes), fruit
Lunch:  Not sure right now - probably something a bit naughty.
Tea:  I think probably an egg and tomato salad followed by yogurt.

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