Tuesday, 11 February 2014


 . . . and here we are yet again at coordinator and PPA day, the day when I have my little ones until playtime.  I got a bit of a surprise when I looked out just now.  I'd had my window on tilt and turn but, because there was no wind, the bedroom didn't feel that cold, certainly not cold enough for a frost.  However, frost there is.  It's nice to see a bit of winter sparkle, especially as it looks as if that's the most sparkle we will get round here this winter!  Ho hum.

Yesterday was kinda busy (as Mondays usually are).  It started with a very good violin lesson (occasionally they now sound vaguely musical which is good for a whole class of five year olds), diary was super with its focus on full stops and capital letters, maths - not so bad and in the afternoon the first group edited their still life photo which caused huge excitement all round.

Today is the weekly coordinator time and PPA day and there's a great long list of Things To Do which will take me all my time.  A and I also have a list of stuff, interesting stuff to be getting on with influding finalising arrangements for the visit to braintree Museum just after half term.  All jolly good fun!

And now I had better go and get bathed and dressed.  I've just looked out again (wrote the above much earlier), the sparkle has all gone and it's looking dull and gloomy.  Outdoor PE is very much in doubt (yet again) today!

Ah, well . . .


Diane Epps said...

It is 10 am and pouring down here, what a miserable winter this has been lets hope we have a blindingly good summer to make up for all this misery.

joanygee said...

Just had to look up the museum (search). Seems a good place with lots to do. Now looking forward to reading about your visit when it happens. Jx

Joy said...

It really has been horrid, hasn't it. Really depressing. I'd like a warm, sunny but not too hot summer with a refreshing breeze. Where do I send the order?
Joan, it's a lovely day, I always enjoy it. Sadly, with the changes in the curriculum, it will be the last Y1 visit. There's an ache in my heart.
J x

Diane Epps said...

You could try Amazon they stock everything imaginable I am thinking of ordering a new hospital!!!!!!!

Joy said...

< grin > Amazon is a very useful place, I agree. Good luck with the new hospital!
J x