Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday morning

Five now.  All weekend too!

And, typically, yesterday was fine, sometimes sunny, not wet and with a very pleasant evening, so we could have BBQed without any problems.  But this morning I woke to rain and it's still chuckling it down, determinedly and steadily, putting paid to my plans for strawberry and raspberry picking.  Maybe tomorrow?  Who knows.  It's all in the lap of the weather god!

However, we didn't try to have a barbie, we ordered a Chinese, and very nice it was too, with just about everyone able to come.  June did a 'guided tour' of her allotment which is just behind her house, so couldn't be more convenient.  There's a gate in the back fence so it is just as if their garden goes on and on adding twice as much again to the length.  I think I am jealous!
I didn't feel too good though, so left after about an hour, but I should imagine everyone went great guns and they all had a fab time together.  Me?  I went to bed . . . 

When I got home after school yesterday, I had intended to have a sleep before the party, but remembered that I had a pan full of blackberry puree and sugar, so I set to and made seedless blackberry jam.  Fortunately, it didn't take too long before it reached setting point so now I have eight nice little pots for gifts.  I'm now definitely relying on Streele Farm to replenish my stocks of frozen berries again as I'm right out!

I guess George won't be round this morning, not if it carries on raining like this, so the weeds will have a few days' respite and the lawn will continue to think it's a jungle.  It's nearly holiday now though and after that I can pop out whenever the weather permits to do the necessary.

So: (singing)
one day of interviews
two concerts to watch
one assembly to give
one 'special' assembly
one 'leavers' assembly
one open evening
and a whole lorra tidying up!!!

And now I have to go shopping!

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