Thursday, 12 July 2012



Yesterday was very much enlivened by a tour of our local special school' in the afternoon.  It was supposed to be a tour for local primary heads but our head has already seen around it so she asked S and me (the SENCOs) if we would like to go instead.  To explain, this special school is the result of quite a long time of planning, amalgamating and generally moving forward.  There were two (three actually, but the third wasn't involved) special schools, one was an MLD and the other for more profound disabilities.   The MLD is where DG went when he started school, as it had an autism resource base.  A while ago now, the primary part of the MLD joined with the PMD school and moved to their site.  Then that site had a huge, mega-amazing building project which has just finished and now the whole school/college is there on one site.  This was what we were shown round yesterday and, believe me, it is truly amazing.  Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it when I think of the space and the facilities.  It is a model of how this can be done.  They are very eager to share their expertise and facilities with the local schools too, which should be very helpful.  Here's the link to the website:

Today is also going to be good.  The juniors are performing their show to the infants.  Then, after play, we spend half an hour with our new classes.  This afternoon is 'normal' (whatever that means in our school).  We have some work to do, some thank you cards to make and deliver and some tidying up to do.

The garden seems to be coming on, despite the wet and cold.  The tomatoes are further ahead than they were last year and the golden peardrop plant has millions (OK, maybe slightly fewer) of titchy tomatoes, one of which is turning yellow, yay!  Can't wait for the first taste.
These are just the ones you can see.  There's plenty hidden too, including the one that's starting to ripen.

And here's the tayberry I was on about yesterday.  It's grown already so I'm speaking nicely to it each time I walk past! 

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