Tuesday, 10 July 2012



A busy day yesterday, finished off by a 'new intake parents' meeting which I had sort of forgotten about - well, pushed to the back of my mind anyway.  Well past seven before I got home but at least I managed to use the time between school and meeting to get some paperwork done.  Something ticked off the ever-lengthening list!

Tonight is the first performance of the Juniors' show.  They're doing Bugsy Malone this year and it is just as well the head/pianist extraordinaire is fit and well this year because, unlike last year, there's no way I could take over and play the piano for that.  So this evening I will just sit in a prime place in the audience and enjoy.  Yay!!

Have a great day, gentle readers!

I liked my strawberry photos so here's another one!  And on Saturday (weather permitting) there will be more!

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