Friday, 6 July 2012


I seem to be doing at lot of apologising at the moment.  This time it is for lack of a blog entry yesterday.  There is a reasonably good reason though.  Lack of time/energy/brain power.

Firstly, to answer the question I know you're all asking (yeah, sure), sports day did happen.  We were all on tenterhooks (whatever they are) after some early rain but out came the sun and dried it all up again.  I don't know about incey wincey spider, but we certainly made the most of a very sunny, pleasantly warm afternoon to get our sports over and done with.  In honour of the Olympics, the whole school was divided into sixteen countries and was dispatched to different parts of the school grounds for track, speed, throwing and jumping activities that finally tired out even the most energetic of older juniors.  The infants, especially the younger ones, found it somewhat bewildering, but they joined in cheerfully and the older juniors were very good at looking after them.  And now, right at this moment, it is raining hard, the weather forecast is lousy and everything is dripping wet.  So if yesterday hadn't happened, today (the fall back day) certainly wouldn't have and as the timetable is somewhat heavily blocked with 'things' for the rest of the term, that would have been that.  And that would have been a shame after such a lot of hard work from key staff to get it all organised and ready. 

And I caught the sun!

In the early evening I went out.  Most unusual for me to be going out on a school day but this was an early out, a girly get-together with two dear and old friends (no, not that kind of old, although I think I am the oldest.  Not by much though).  We went back to the Hare which, apart from anything else, is wheelchair accessible and does those lovely 'small plate' meals I mentioned about three weeks ago.  So I had mini-pie (pork, apple and cider and very nice too) with peas and chips (an indulgence) followed by two scoops of absolutely delicious ice cream, which filled me up good and proper.  None of us had alcohol as two were driving and the other can't have much anyway.  They had a fish dish - a whole something (can't remember which fish it was) and I was rather disconcerted to discover that whole really meant whole - head and all.  Being somewhat squeamish, I'm glad I didn't order that!!!  I gather the flavour was absolutely wonderful though.  My pie was very nice but something of a cheat as the filling and the pastry had quite obviously not been introduced until they met for the first time in the little pie dish.  I didn't mind though - it tasted good and that's the most important thing.  And we had such a lovely time, we've set a date for the next one, yay!!!

So when I got home, it was almost straight to bed.  I'd intended to blog in the evening but my brain wasn't working well enough to get my thoughts together! 

Eleven days to go!

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