Sunday, 12 January 2020


Good morning.
I had a good old time in town.  The new bus route is longer but it's OK and I've learnt something - it no longer goes to the station.  That's not such a bad thing as the road past both the bus station and the train station gets very clogged up.  So if I want to go that way, I must get the 54, not the 56.  Next time I'll get the 54 and see how that has changed.

In town it was first stop the spice stall.  I asked about the festive spice but they didn't have any on the stall and won't until next year.  However, they had another that's the same mix, it's just that the recipe included is different and I have the other recipe.  I got a couple of pots (each pot serves four generously) and, as they are cheaper if you buy four, I got a mix for cauliflower, potato and peas and one for a lamb curry to make up the four needed.  I have some thin lamb steaks in the freezer so that's a treat for sometime.

I had a nice meander around, carefully avoiding clothes shops apart from M&S where I got a couple of sports bras, the perfume and some bits and bobs from the food hall.

The rest of the day was usual homey sort of things.  Some meal prep, a walk, exercising, housework, etc.  Nothing all that exciting really.  I didn't get round to making the wax wraps so that's on the list for today!

I plan to go to Hobbycraft, arriving in time for it opening at ten.  I need (want!) some pinking scissors and Beth has appropriated my old pair.  I'll have a good old look round at the same time and make no promises about not buying anything!

After that, once home, I have washing, ironing (amazing how it builds up, isn't it?) and I'd like to go for a brisk walk to shake some fidgets out of me.  I was looking at walks in London (there are loads) and I quite fancy one called the Queen's Walk that starts at Westminster Bridge and finishes at St Paul's, taking in plenty of landmarks en route.  It seems that there is a direct bus from St Paul's to Liverpool Street so I'll probably take that on the way back.  You can see so much on the upper deck!
I wonder if Jackie fancies joining me - maybe not; she knows that part really well as she is a volunteer at The Globe.
I might wait until the days are a bit longer but it's on the list.  It's nice to have a plan!

Must remember to take some photos today - I keep forgetting!

Enjoy your day.  What are your plans?


  1. Have a great day and I hope you get out of hobby craft without needing an overdraft.

    1. lol - thanks, Diane, so do I!

    2. I wish we had a spice stall like that down here. Is it at a market?

      I have put your tuna bake on the menu for this week so will let you know how I get on.

    3. Have you seen The Great Pottery Throw Down is on Channel 4 at 18:45?

  2. The late Bernard Levin wrote in one of his books about his enjoyment of walking and one favourite walk of his was what he called the London Bridge walk, where he criss cross the River Thames via the bridges. It would take him a day to do this (I think it was a day) and in total it's about eleven miles (from what I remember about what he said about this.) I smiled when you said you'd done exercises and housework. I thought housework was exercise!
    Margaret P

  3. Just enjoying an unusually warm and sunny day here in the States after heavy rainy yesterday!