Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's cold out there, isn't it?  Coming home yesterday morning, there was snow in the air but nothing substantial and it didn't develop into anything.  However, I am continuingly grateful for my well heated home, whether it shows or not.

I enjoyed Knitter Knatter yesterday although it was late starting, thanks to the attraction of 'all day breakfast' for school lunch.  It's always been a favourite and quite rightly - I used to have it when I was still teaching and always enjoyed it.

Today is busy fore and aft with a calm spell in the middle.  This morning I am helping to judge the 'International Song Contest' at school - each year group prepares a 'presentation' which is a song plus other stuff, such as a dance,actions, costume, to enliven it further.  The judging team have to select two winners, one from Infants and the other from Juniors.  It is Not Easy!!!

Thern, in the afternoon, I am, back off to Springfield Hospital to discover what, if anything, can be done about those gallstones.  I have no idea what they will say so who knows.  I think (hope) they will do something anyway as I keep having 'twinges'.  We will see.

I've finished that little doll plus a few clothes.  I have to fasten a little 'band' around her bun and make some more clothes now.  I'm tending to make them as I go, drawing on previous experiences for shaping.  It seems to be working.  At some point I will get out my bits and bobs fabric pieces and see what I can sew as well.

Thankfully, I did not oversleep this morning so it's not nearly such a rush but I have my salsacise to do and my hair needs washing, so I'd better shut up now and get started.  Have a good day and stay warm, whatever the weather throws at you.


Daisy Debs said...

Love your knitted doll ! Keep warm and good luck for hospital :) x

Joy said...

Hi, Daisy Debs, thanks for your comments. She's quite cute, isn't she? :-)
J x

Annabeth said...

Good luck with the hospital appointment!

Love the doll and clothes and the hair is a very neat solution. Something I usually struggle with, putting in strands with a crochet hook, I'm never entirely satisfied with the end result.

Joy said...

I thought about that but couldn't work out exactly how to do it so it looked natural. I thought maybe just knitting the 'cap' and then making plaits and I might give that a go another time.
J x

Jules said...

The doll is so cute! I hope all goes well with your appointment this afternoon. I have an appointment to get to myself, if I can make it through the snow. X

Joy said...

I hope you did make it - no snow here so no problems getting there (and back again).
J x

galant said...

Oh, poor you Joy, with gallstones. I didn't know I had gallstones (hundreds of small ones, apparently) until I was very ill indeed four years ago and had emergency surgery to have my gall bladder removed, so I hope you get treatment before anything like that happens. At least you know there's a problem there, I had no idea. I like the idea of your Knitter Natter, but I can't knit so I'd just have to natter, ha ha!
It's very cold here, too, but as yet no snow ... but I've heard there's been a snowfall in N. Devon, but here on the English Riviera we rarely have snow (now watch it fall!)
Margaret P

Joy said...

I had a bout at the beginning of November and at first they thought it was cardiac and my blood pressure shot up alarmingly but it was an infected gallbladder. They did some tests and yes, gallstones, hence the op. I had no idea before November either. I gather that's quite usual.
J x