Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Good morning, all.  I've woken early (what a surprise!!) after a splendid night's sleep in a very comfortable and roomy bed in a room that is just right for temperature.  The kettle is on and there's no essentials on the list for today.  Once in a while, that is nice although I don't think I would like it all the time, do you?

The drive up was surprisingly easy.  Even the M11 and getting onto the A14 was a lot less hairy than I had anticipated and once on the A14, I was nearly here anyway.  On the way I located Wimpole Hall (tomorrow's little jolly) - couldn't miss it really - and Anglesea Abbey is also dead easy to get to from here today so all is well.  I gather the snowdrops are lovely at Anglesea right now and it's opening earlier than usual which means they are expecting plenty of visitors so I won't hang around too much after breakfast.

Dinner was delicious, all the nicer for not having to clear up afterwards.  I do love brie, bacon and cranberry and the chips were crunchy without and fluffy within - everything a self respecting chip should be.  Thankfully, there are no after-effects (yet), just that dull ache that I can live with if I have to.
It didn't stop me sleeping anyway!

Hopefully I will have some photos for tomorrow's entry.  In the meanwhile, I will enjoy my coffee and wish you a lovely day, whatever the weather.


Jules said...

Have a lovely day. X

Joy said...

Thanks, Jules. I'm sure I will.
J x

Annabeth said...

Have a great day and fingers crossed the weather will be kind to you. It's blowing a hooley down here.

Joy said...

It's still OK here and I'm just setting off now the A14 has settled.
J x

Diane said...

Have a lovely day and I hope the weather is kind

Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you are having fun! Glad your journey was a good one.

galant said...

Brie ... with a dicky gall bladder! Oh, Joy! Or rather, not joy, ha ha. Sorry, couldn't resist that. Stick off the fatty stuff, girl (lovely though it is and I can hardly talk!)
Margaret P

Joy said...

LOL - I know, I know, but it was lovely. I'm off the blow out stuff now!
The weather wasn't great but I still had a good time!
J x