Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.

Phew, what a hot day it turned out to be yesterday.  I gather it was the hottest bank holiday for however-many- years but I was pleased to say that since I've started losing weight, the plus side of feeling the cold a lot more is that the heat isn't so hard to tolerate, so I was a lot more comfortable than I expected.  Definitely another plus.

It's supposed to be warm for several days to come which is very nice.  Maybe Beth and I can eat out in the garden this evening.

It ended up quite a satisfying day.  I did my swim - an hour of up-down with a few sort of exercises from aqua and the occasional 'water jog' (harder than I expected), finishing off with ten minutes in the spa (bliss).

Then it was home for a relax and to do some ironing before Beth turned up and we set off for the allotment where I mowed the grass (long overdue), weeded around the asparagus, cleared a bit more ground and watered while Beth planted the potatoes.  They are now all in (none left for me to plant at home!) which is a great relief.  We were delighted to see that some of the baby asparagus roots we planted several weeks ago are now sending up titchy little fern heads.  We have to take the long term view about our asparagus - there will be no harvest this year, of course, and not next year either when we just have to leave whatever comes up in nthe way of asparagus to develop and die back again, although we can pick some of the fern for vases.  The following year we should be able to pick some and after that it will be established and we can pick to our hearts' content.

Four of the baby strawberry plants haven't survived but I have more to replace them.  More annoyingly, three of the raspberry canes don't seem to be doing anything either but we'll leave them until next year to see if they're just not doing anything this year and will be OK next year or whether they will have to be replaced.

The grass will need another cut today or, more likely, tomorrow.  There's more forking over and clearing to be done, we have to sow the peas in the near future and everything else is being nurtured  about five metres from where I am sitting.  Should be good.

Today I restart some of my tuition so I have planning to do.  Then I hope to have about two hours of allotment (weeding and watering) before I pop to the pool for an aqua class that starts at twelve.  I'm still feeling my way with all of this and twelve is not a helpful time for me really so I may not book the Tuesday class again.  Going at six thirty is much more workable, I think, but I shall see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Anyway, after that I have to be home by around three to tidy myself up for tuition and then Beth is over in the evening.  So quite busy but fun as well.

I'd better get on with planning now.  Have a great day and enjoy the sun as much as ever you can while we have it.


Diane said...

Sounds like a generally good all-around day. I must say I didn't feel the heat as much as I thought.

Joy said...

I think it was partly because it was a dry heat not a humid heat. It's the humidity that gets to me every time.
J x

Eileen T said...

Same here Joy. I felt the benefits of the new French doors yesterday (now I can bolt them to stay open) so the house was lovely and cool. It was still too hot for me to actually sit out on the patio though.

It sounds like you're making good use of the gym membership - well done!

Joy said...

It's warm again today but not quite so fierce. On the Beeb forecast a local village was named as the second or third hottest place in the UK yesterday! :-)
I have a sunny back garden but there are some shaded parts and they are just right for sitting out. It's really lovely.
Re the gym, it was so flippin expensive, I just HAVE to use it. Perfect in this hot weather. :-)
J x

J x

Sharon Koole said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. As soon as I'm feeling strong enough I've got to get out and sort out the garden. I must admit I'm doing more flowers than food this year. Because I spend six weeks gone in the summer (visiting Mum) I think trying to do vegetables is a little too much - and I mostly miss eating them or preserving them!

Joy said...

Six weeks away is a real plant killer, I agree. You'd miss so much of the harvest.
J x