Thursday, 10 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  We've had rain overnight which is a bit of a surprise but very welcome as I just didn't have allotment time at all yesterday.

I'm hosting a family meal later on today so yesterday was spent shopping, cooking, baking, tutoring and collapsing in my chair later on.  There's still a bit to do today but it's mostly organising, clearing the decks a little bit and moving the furniture.

Rather fortuitously, last week the cleaner couldn't come so she arranged to catch up this morning.  So that's one thing I won't need to worry about!

First thing I have my GP appointment regarding the blood pressure so I expect I will come out with a new prescription and, maybe, advice.  We shall see.

I'd better make this short and get into the kitchen.  I can relax after its all ready!
Have a super day.


Sooze said...

Have a lovely day, Joy. Good luck with the BP.

Joy said...

Thanks, Sooze. I'm sure it will be fine - the appointment, I mean, not the BP. That'll be up! :-)
J x

Diane said...

Hope the plans go according to schedule and all goes well at the doctors.

Eileen T said...

I hope it all goes well at the doctors and he/she can get you sorted! Enjoy your family time together.

Joy said...

I'm not the least bit worried about the appt seeing as it's after the operation and I know I am doing all I can to get it lower. I've been monitoring it and it is going down slowly but it's still too high. I think I'll take my monitor with me - it remembers the last 60 days of measurements.
J x

Beachcomber said...

Have a lovely evening. I hope the sun shines on you all.