Sunday, 6 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  The fine weather continues and all my current washing is done, dried and waiting to be ironed.  That's todays little task!

Yesterday was glorious.  Swimming, followed by some housework and then a lovely relax out in the garden or watching Next Gen.  So lazy!  I didn't really get much done at all but it was very pleasant.

I was tossing up whether to go swimming this morning or to Hyde Hall for a craft show.  I had decided on the craft show and to go early because later on there will be queues and parking will be a nightmare.  However, overnight solved the problem as I was awake with an upset tum which isn't 100% right this morning so I will do neither; I will have another restful and relaxing day and just potter in my own garden.  You know, that feels just right, just perfect.  I might do a bit of Youtube exercise later on, I'll see how I feel, or go for a little walk but right now staying near a loo seems the most sensible action!  I'll have another swim tomorrow!

I have a whole load of flour to make room for in my cupboards and some to bag and freeze - must get that done today.  There's also some sewing and some knitting and I shall have enough to keep me occupied while I R&R

Have a good Sunday!


Sooze said...

Sorry you had an upset tum, good idea to have a day of relaxation. Our bodies always tell us what they need, we just have to get better at listening to them!

Joy said...

I'm not sure whether I overdid it yesterday (too much diet fizzy- ooops) or whether it's a 'sorting things out' thing after the op (after all, it's less and two weeks ago) or just One of Those Things but it'll pass. I agree - I'm definitely being told to stay in and chill today! No alternative really! :-)
J x

Diane said...

Have a lovely relaxing day and just enjoy the sunshine

Joy said...

Thank you, Diane, I'm looking forward to it. You too - I hope you have an easy day planned.
J x

Sharon Koole said...

Feel better soon. A relaxing day felt best. I missed the start of garage sale seasons and the craft show but I know I could do neither. There will be more!

Joy said...

This is true. I'm very glad you're starting to feel a bit better though.
J x