Friday, 28 April 2017


Yesterday, a friend said that they read my blog from time to time, especially when they are away so they get an accurate report of what the weather is like at home.  I had to laugh at that!  So I can report that there's no frost and the strawberries have survived!  In fact, despite the chilly weather, everything seems to be growing up/out/flowering - especially the strawberries!
We had rain on and off yesterday which has been very good for the parched soil and means I don't need to water the pots.  I'm not sure about today:  there are clouds but there are also breaks in them so it could go either way
I saw a photo posted by a friend on Facebook who lives in Switzerland earlier.  They've had snow overnight!

I did the ironing, all of it, and now have a more or less empty washing basket and a completely empty ironing basket.  A very satisfying feeling.  A shame about the kitchen but I will sort that out today.  I believe I have no reason to go out today, nothing scheduled in the diary, no school, no tuition, so I can get on with homey things like changing the sheets on my bed (with the necessary washing, drying and ironing) and sorting out the fridge which does rather need it after last weekend's family meal.  And the kitchen!

It's nearly the end of the month now so a finance update is on the list too.  I do like to keep on top of my spending and saving now retirement has landed.  Although I am fortunate to have been in a profession that has a reasonable pension, because I no longer go out and work for it, there's always that slightly 'odd' feeling about it all and I monitor things a lot more carefully than I ever did when I had a monthly salary.  I know that isn't really rational but there you go!  Anyway, I should have some to move over into savings.  I must pretend I can't use my debit card from time to time - it works wonders.

The other thing I shall do it look up some recipes for starters.  Instead of going to the Hare for our girls' night, we're coming here and I am providing a starter.  I have one idea - my tomato and lentil soup, but just a small portion, in a cup rather than a soup bowl, with croutons.  I shall look around via Google to see if I can find any more ideas - I have a week to decide, after all.

That's it really.  It should be another pleasant, gentle day, with lots of normal little things to keep me busy.  Contentment cannot be too highly rated - it is lovely and I am lucky.


Eileen T said...

I'm exactly the same now I live off my pension. I keep a much closer watch on my spending than I ever used to.

Joy said...

I think it creates peace of mind, apart from anything else.
J x

Annabeth said...

Me too! I also had to learn to budget more carefully, especially for HMRC, so different when it's not taken off your monthly salary!!

Joy said...

That side of things is more or less the same for me, thankfully.
J x

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy, the last paragraph in today's diary is exactly why I enjoy your blog so much - you are content and happy with with your life (saying that I was suddenly reminded of Miss. Read 'A Peaceful Retirement). It is the simple things that give one great pleasure, I know you call it an ordinary life but it is far more than that. From reading your diary I appreciate my simple life of loving my family, my home, my garden and enjoying craft and books - before I worried that others would think it not enough and that I would come across as being boring hence why I have never started a blog or even made comments. I have been reading your diary while you were a teacher and did not realise the hard work involved outside school hours, I suppose it is similar to people's idea that a Vicar only has to work on a Sunday with the occasional wedding on a Saturday☺️

Also, regarding your weather reports, I too enjoy them because my Mum lives in Essex and for some reason it makes me feel closer to her especially when you mention various towns - I think the saying "very small world" is right.

Kindest regards, Rosemary

DUTA said...

Many bloggers mention the weather in their posts - which shows how important this topic is in people's life. People also write a lot about food and food recipes - food being the fuel of life. So,by focusing on these two subjects, you actually focus on the very basics of Life.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog a short while ago and really enjoy it. I, too, am a retired teacher. I took off 2 years and, then, I started home schooling some of my grandchildren, which I continue to do. It keeps me sharp and motivated for each day. (I never was much of a domestic and this gives me an excuse for a less than tidy house!) When you speak of tuition, is that tutoring? I have not heard of that term before.
Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada

Joy said...

Rosemary - another encouraging comment; thank you so very much. I love the Miss Read books and keep going back to them for a re-read.
I started this blog just because I could and rather fancied the idea. It was only ever intended for me really but it just grew and I am chuffed that so many people enjoy my ponderings. Someone once described it as 'gentle and strangely addictive' which made me chuckle. I'm grateful to those who read and those who comment so many thanks.

DUTA - you have a good point there. I'm sure that being an early riser gives me an interest in what the weather is going to be like - that and the view out of my smallest window as I hardly ever close those curtains. :-)

Hi, Myra. I'm glad you are enjoying the home schooling - what a great thing to do. Yes, tuition is home tutoring, one on one. I really enjoy it. I'm better at housework now I have time for it and am not so tired and rushed but I'm not fussy. :-)

Thank you all for your comments. I loved reading them.
J x