Saturday, 12 November 2016


Yesterday was the most gorgeous Autumnal day.  Not all that warm but bright and sunny and colourful.  Shame about the rain that is forecast for today but one can't have everything!

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed off into town, parking in the multistory car park with the market directly underneath.  Sadly, the market stall didn't have anything like what we were looking for, any more than it did when I was looking for myself some weeks ago.  It used to have loads of handbags but now only a quarter of its space is devoted to bags - a shame but there must be a financial reason for that.

So we headed off down the High Chelmer retail park and out the other side to try Debenhams first and then M&S.  I didn't realise Debenhams had such a large handbag department - wish I had looked there when I needed a new one and I will have to remember when I need a new bag.  There was certainly plenty to look at there.  M&S only had a small number of bags so back we went to Debenhams.

After a coffee and a shared pecan and something tartlet (I forget what the something was but it was very delicious, as was the coffee), we bought a bag and headed off back to the car park, buying some freesias on the way, which are now gently perfuming the living room.

After lunch (Welsh rarebit), we all headed off into town for a gentle stroll in Admirals Park and very nice it was too.  I wish I had taken my camera as the colours were just amazing.  So vivid.

For dinner I made a chicken pie with genuine home made short crust pastry and you know what?  It was lovely (pie and pastry).  I honestly think I have cracked pastry making now - well, that sort of pastry, anyway.  I ought to start trying puff (of quick puff) next.

Today the forecast isn't great.  If it does stay dry we are probably heading back to Cressing Temple but if it pours we will have a stay at home day.  This evening we're having a take away Chinese.  Very nice.

Should be a good day!


Diane said...

I think it was Delia who did a rough puff with grated frozen butter it ends up a cross between flaky and puff.

Joy said...

She did it on one of her cookery course programmes, didn't she? One of my thermo books has a recipe and I thought I might give that a go. When I have a spare day and plenty of persistence! :-)
I was well pleased with yesterday's success. :-)
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

Sounds like a good day indeed. I think it's raining here still as it has been all night. I think I eventually dropped off about 5 and I'm awake aagain just gone 7 with a killer headache. A slow day for me methinks and I'll be making an apple pie with some ready made pastry I've got in!

Joy said...

That doesn't sound great, Rachel. Really sorry you're feeling so rough at the moment.
Apple pie does sound good though!
J x

Annabeth said...

If I have to have puff pastry I buy the 'all butter' one or make Delia's Quick Flaky Pastry:
works just as well!

Joy said...

Thanks. :-) I will look that up and give it a good go after those two recommendations!
J x

joanygee said...

Having recently discovered Yoshi - I know have owl patterned purse and two different size handbags. Before that Radley had a sale so I indulged myself. Naughty, but these days the phrase 'they don't put pockets in shrouds' keeps surfacing in my mind. Jx

Joy said...

I'm glad you indulged yourself - good for you!

J x