Saturday, 28 February 2015


Phew - made it.  It is now Saturday and I may have woken early but I can snooze during the day if I feel the need.  I tried to stay awake as long as possible last night and actually managed to stay awake and upright until 8:30 which is much more sensible.  Then it was up to bed and out like a light until about four this morning.

It doesn't look so cold out there this morning.  No frost as far as I can tell.

I have a fair old list of things to do.  After a little argument with a kamikaze pheasant before half term, there's a wee dent spoiling the pristine shininess of my new car.that needs to be sorted out so I am off to a local repair company this morning for a quote before deciding if it is an insurance jobby or not (I suspect not).  No, Diane, I didn't stop to pick up the body, poor little bird - as far as I know it's the first time I have killed a creature when driving and I was sad!
I have some shopping to do for Beth who has what seems to be a nasty dose of flu.  I have bread to make, not-really-flapjacks to bake, reports to write, writing to level . . .

I might also start a baby dress, if I have time.  A dear friend recently had a wee baby girl and another lovely friend gave me a copy of an old pattern she has for an old fashioned smocked baby dress.  I love smocking and made Beth many a smocked dress when she was very little.  The pattern I have been given looks very similar to the one I used then and I have some lovely small check pink gingham to use.  I haven't smocked for decades now and am so looking forward to getting back to it.
Not exactly the same but similar and so very pretty.
(borrowed from Google)

Yesterday was a good day, albeit punctuated by yawns.  Some sad news filtered through in the evening that Leonard Nimoy has died.  Anyone of my generation cannot fail to have registered the impact that Star Trek had in the 60s, the character of Spock in particular.  I was a Star Trek fan, watched all the episodes and recorded them too and thoroughly enjoyed the films.  It just wouldn't have been the same without Mr Spock.

I'm glad the week is over.  It's been a very tiring one.  Next week will be better, I am sure (I hope, anyway).  Before then there's the weekend.  Enjoy!


Diane said...

What a lovely dress and fabulous smocking

Joy said...

I hope the one I make will be an lovely as that. I'm practising at the moment as it's been so very long since I smocked. It takes for ever to do the gathering!!!
J x

Diane said...

Can the gathering be done on the machine with a loose stitch or do you have to do it by hand?

Joy said...

It has to be done by hand, unfortunately! Never mind, nearly finished the practise piece - the gathering, that is.
J x

Chrissie said...

Sad about the pheasant - I was once the unwitting accomplice to a suicidal rabbit and bawled my eyes out ;-)
Isn't it sad about Leonard Nimoy? He was always my favorite character...

Joy said...

I couldn't do anything. There was a car coming the other way, a car behind and it flew out at the very last moment.
J x