Monday, 2 February 2015


Good morning.  It is a chilly one but not too cold inside

It's been a weekend of contrasts.  Big decisions to make, worries to face, damaged confidence and a wonderfully restful and relaxing day and a bit with my lovely mum and dad.

Apart from the fact that I love them to bits, there was another reason for going up - last weekend it was their 65th wedding anniversary.  My brother went there last weekend and they went out for a meal.  I went there this weekend and we went out for a meal.  A bit of a pattern there, I guess.
It was great to be able to talk to them, share things with them and  just pass the time of day.  It'll soon be half term and I hope to go up again then.

The drive there was great, in spite of heavy snow, and the drive home again was lovely.  The car behaved, it was so good to be able to put my foot down and get an immediate response, I didn't hold anyone up or get frustrated and embarrassed and I wasn't exhausted when I arrived home.  And I realised that sometimes the SatNav showed speed limits on roads.  I think that when I was in Hertfordshire it did and when I moved into Essex it stopped.  Intriguing!

The weekend finished on a very, very sad note as news filtered through that was both shocking and sad.  RIP, C, now at peace.

Take care, gentle readers and stay warm and safe.


Diane said...

Sorry to hear your sad news but glad you had a lovely time with your parents. I must admit I really miss mine at times of stress. Fortunately I have some very good friends who make a big difference.

Joy said...

Thanks, Diane. They are lovely people. Friends are wonderful too though.
J x

Chrissie said...

So sorry about your news. I'm really glad though you had such a good visit to your parents and that the car is still making you smile

Joy said...

Oh it is, Chrissie, it is lovely.

sweffling said...

Life sounds to be too real and earnest for you at the moment. I am so sorry. Thank goodness for kind parents and good friends. I hope things pick up soon:)

Joy said...

Sorry for not replying to this straight away, Sweffling - I missed it, somehow.
Thank you very much. Life goes on, doesn't it?
J x