Saturday, 14 February 2015


Half term has landed.  The alarm is off for nine days.  Unfortunately, this hasn't prevented me from waking at stupid o'clock but never mind - I can snooze whenever I like, more or less.

This weekend is devoted to easy stuff: breadmaking, auditing what's in the upright freezer, messing about with my new toy, maybe even making something.  The house is clean if not tidy.  I'm a little fuzzy around the gills after a bit of a skinful with last night's Chinese but I did manage to clear the kitchen and pop two portions of Chinese, one pot of egg fried rice and one portion of battered chicken wings in the freezer.  Waste not, want not, as the saying goes.

Yesterday some paper patterns arrived.  Two were for itsy bitsy things - pretty aprons, oven gloves, and the like, useful for learning how your machine works while two were garments, including a very likely looking skirt pattern in ten different sizes.  What I call a Useful Pattern.  Dead easy too with an elasticated waist and only four pieces.  Summer skirts, here I come!
However, I need to start with some practising - straight seams and the like.  I'm well out of practice.  The jelly roll should see to that as I intend to use it to make a cover for a bed and I have a pile of poly cotton pieces that I want to use to practise an easy way of making pinwheels that I saw on YouTube..

So - today is a take it very easy day.  No planning, no marking, no evaluating.  Just easy peasy, lazy, snoozy stuff with rubbish telly in the background.  I have to catch up with both Eat Well For Less and the Sewing Bee so that will keep me entertained.

And with that I will wish you a very happy day and get some more coffee!


Diane said...

I have just poured my coffee and sat down to write but first I read those who have gone before. Have fun with your new toy I must admit you have provoked me to possibly get my machine out and have a go. I would like some new curtains for my bedroom and they are really easy in sewing terms.

Joy said...

They are, I agree. Just straight lines, basically. Good luck with them and I'm glad to have been an inspiration!
J x

joanygee said...

Hope you have fun with your machine and that you will post some pictures of your makes. Jx

Joy said...

I will, Joan, in due course, I am sure. I'm beginning to wonder if I would like to do quilting so that link you sent was just the ticket!
J x

Sonja said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day, Joy, I am so glad. Must be a wonderful feeling knowing that you have the whole of next week to enjoy, too. :o)
Hope you were able to get lots of rest. :o)

Joy said...

Oh, it feels fantastic, Sonja, absolutely wonderful!
Hope you had a good day too!
J x