Saturday, 21 September 2013


Good morning, everyone.  So sorry about yesterday's non-appearance.  I slept so poorly Thursday night that I just didn't have the mental energy to put ideas together.  A bad headache, neck aches and tummy cramps didn't help.  I managed to get half an hours sleep after waking at about two thirty and tablets sorted out the aches and pains, thank goodness, but I was so tired by the end of school!  SEN paperwork is heavy right now so I had plenty to keep me occupied at school.

I wish I didn't wake quite so early each morning, especially weekends.  A lie in would be nice but I'm not one to stay in bed and try to get a bit more sleep.  Once the old brain gets going I have to be up and doing.  Sometimes that's useful, sometimes it's a right nuisance.

Whinge over.  Too much negativity is self-perpetuating and there's enough of it about without me adding to it!!

Wasn't the weather lovely yesterday.  Sunny and milder than earlier in the week.  Hopefully we're entering an Indian Summer before Autumn really starts biting.  I gather that many people view Sept 21st as the first day of Autumn and I'm happy to go along with that.  Welcome to Autumn, my favourite season (along with Winter and Spring!)

Once one starts thinking of Autumn the question arises 'what do I do with the tomatoes'.  I've already stripped the tumbling toms in the hanging basket as they were looking decidedly weak and woolly and I have a container full of green tomatoes.  I'll give them time to ripen: those that don't will make chutney.  I can't lose there.
The other tomato plants still look healthy - or they did last time I looked which was Wednesday (ooops), so I am debating how much longer to leave them before the final harvesting.
The runner beans are also still producing, which is good, and the carrots are coming into their own and are ready for picking.  Excellent.

I'm getting my computer back this afternoon.  All mended and working again, I gather, and Eddie has some ideas about filing, etc.  I know I keep too much saved on it so I will be interested to hear his advice. However, this last fortnight has been good because I have been forced to use an updated version of Word, PP, etc, on the school laptop and I'm now getting used to it.  I've also realised that using the laptop means that resources I make can go straight onto the machine I use rather than faffing around with memory sticks, etc.  Perhaps I ought to move my large bank of school resources onto the laptop so they are available when I'm at school, or maybe Eddie has thoughts of 'cloud' storage.

Until late afternoon I have some bags of apples to pick up from a friend, some eggs to collect, some jam to make, some washing and ironing and a downstairs to tidy and clean.   Plenty to keep me going there.

Now where did I put those bin bags?


Anonymous said...

Dropbox might be an idea. But maybe keep confidential stuff out of there.

Joy said...

Maybe - I'll see what he says.
J x

joanygee said...

Dropbox is most useful. Hope you have some way to back-up files. I've been using Tune-up utilities which helps fee up space and keep everything ticking over. Jx

Joy said...

Are they totally reliable though? I'd hate to lose anything.
J x

JuliesMum said...

Dear Joy

Have a Liebster award! You can read about it on my post at WomanUnadorned

Joy said...

I have and I will be answering your questions. Thank you so much for your kind comments about 'Diary of a Teacher'.
J x

joanygee said...

For important docs, I have them in several places. With electronic stuff nowhere is entirely safe. Dropbox has its limitations. I use it as an easy way to move documents to and fro between laptop and tower. The latter backs up to an external hard drive. I also save pics to CD. Jx