Saturday, 28 September 2013


Borrowed from Orange Marmalade which is not a cooking/recipe site.
The working week is over and Saturday has started stupidly early for me.  Two o'clock is NOT the time to wake bright and ready for the new day.  I know me though, and I knew there was no point fighting to get back to sleep: it never works.  So down I came, dealt with some plums that were starting to turn so needing action fast and now have the makings of some plum jam in the maslin pan.

It's a bog-standard plum jam recipe but while the fruit was simmering I popped in a star anise for just a smidgeon of spiciness.
When I make jam I have a slightly different way.  I simmer the fruit and do whatever needs doing to it, then I take it off the hob and add the sugar immediately, stir it well and leave it to dissolve as the mixture cools.  No need to stir much at all.  Also, as it cools it starts setting a bit (I know, weird) so when I do boil it up it takes next to no time to reach setting point.
If it doesn't start setting as it cools I know I need to add some lemon.
I'm sure there's a scientific explanation and maybe it isn't setting at all really, but it works.  The only thing I find boring about jam making is the continual stirring the dissolve the sugar and this way I don't have to, I can go and do something else.  it all tqkes longer but is less effort.
The only thing I am slightly concerned about is that I haven't checked the state of play with the jam jars.  I might just have to take a virtual trip to the Jam Jar Company!  Oh, the hardship!

Yesterday's day of meetings turned out to be a day of not-meetings.  I just had one, a short one, after school and the rest of the time was spend doing paperwork.  Loads and loads of paperwork but all very useful stuff.

And when I got home, all worn and weary, the house was spotless.  Instead of rushing around trying to get things shipshape for today's visitors, I sat down and went to sleep.  Also I'm not rushing around now either.  Well worth the money I would say: why has it taken me so long?


Diane Epps said...

Well done Joy I am so glad that your cleaner has done the business for you. As you say it is well worth the money and in these straightened times there are plenty of people who would be grateful of a little added income in exchange for a bit of cleaning.

Joy said...

Yes, I'm starting to realise that. If I can manage it, it's helping someone else as well.

joanygee said...

To be able to relax after such a hectic week is priceless. Well done! Jx

Joy said...

Yes, that's about it - priceless. Just fab! I didn't realise how much it weighed on me, to be honest.
J x

Beth said...

Well I have been telling you for AGES!!!! hehe glad it was such a wonderful experience, mine is too, its like a good fairy has been round and made everything OK.

Joy said...

That's about it, Beth. It felt so good coming in yesterday evening. Now I have to wait a fortnight before the next one! And she'd coming the day before Al's 'do'. Perfect timing, eh?
J x