Monday, 9 September 2013


It was rather a chilly day yesterday, so chilly that I closed up the grow house to keep the tomatoes cosy (aaaaahhhhhhhh) overnight.  There were some quite dramatic skies too, although I can never get photos to do the sky/clouds proper credit.

After a chilly night snuggled cosily under the quilt, I gave up and put on my dressing gown.  Much better, especially on these very early mornings.  Hopefully it will be fine and sunny today - it's still too much in the grey zone to tell.

I took Diane's advice (many thanks) and, after boiling up a bag of new potatoes, vacu-packed them in single portions.  Here they are at 10p a portion!  I love frugal!

The weekend has passed so quickly but I have taken on two things.

The first is to have a friend round and cook and cook a three course meal (excluding drinks) for £2.50 per head.
After my current and recent frugality, £2.50 is richness and I shall enjoy planning as well as making.

The other is to get some help with the housework which, frankly, gets me down.  I feel that a single person really OUGHT to be able to cope but I get so tired at the end of the day.  Maybe I'm just a whiny wimp.  Anyway, all that I am saving through being frugal with food ought to cover an hour a week or two hours a fortnight, and I will have to deal with the guilt.

And now it is nearly time to get ready for school!


Diane Epps said...

Don't feel guilty you are helping some to earn a living. I have 2 hours per fortnight which just breaks the back of the cleaning and you will have to tidy up ready for the cleaner so it helps you to keep tidy.

Joy said...

Good points, thank you. Would you say two hours a fortnight is better than 1 hour a week?
J x

Diane Epps said...

I don't think it makes much difference to be honest. I used to have a weekly day which kind of messes up each week this way I get a week off if you get my meaning.

Annabeth said...

Good for you, wish I still had a cleaner, but can't justify in retirement.

When you think how long it takes to vacuum, dust, clean bathroom, kitchen etc. I don't think 1 hr is enough. Diane is right though, certainly improved my tidyness!

Mine used to do 2 hrs a week, on Friday morning, I shopped, he cleaned (yes, he!)It was wonderful to start the weekend with a clean and tidy house!

We were very lucky because we could trust him with a key.

Sonja said...

You are very wise to get someone to help with the housework, Joy - you work so hard and for such long hours! Good for you.... You don't need to feel guilty at all, quite the contrary, you'll be helping someone by providing a job or at least a means for someone to earn a little extra. :o) A win-win situation, I reckon. :o)
Have a good day!

Sonja said...

..meant to say that I love the photos of the sky - very atmospheric! :o)

joanygee said...

I agree, treat yourself to the help. You've earned it and you deserve it. Few folk recognize the demands put upon teachers. After a full day and with all the preparation you have a full workload as it is. Free up some time for yourself. Jx

Joy said...

Thank you for all the encouraging and helpful comments, ladies. I've got in touch with a local company and she is coming to see me after school on Thursday. Looks like it's moving!

J x