Sunday, 9 June 2013


 . . . and the first of five days of Living Below The Line.  The porridge is on and slowly heating (I think it's nicer cooked s-l-o-w-l-y) and Beth is arriving at around 11 so we can get cooking!

Yesterday I really got going with those reports.  I feel well pleased.  Today I will do the same until Beth turns up and then I will set them aside for a number of hours.  I wonder how many I will have left to do by 11:00.

It was (or felt) weird yesterday.  I'm not sure why, perhaps it was those bloomin' reports.  I made the second loaf of bread which will be mainly for Beth and Alex as I have my six slices wrapped and frozen.  However, I might hack off a bit for the soup at lunch time.  Do you think they'll notice?

Apart from that, it was a no kitchen day.  What's the point in making anything when I'm not going to eat it?
Maybe that's why it felt unusual - I normally do quite a lot of kitchen stuff on Saturdays.  By about three o'clock my brain gave out so I stopped reporting and watched some awful TV - something like 'a year to save your life' (or something like that), an American reality programme about very, very overweight people who made an extreme effort to lose some weight and, I think, lost dangerously large amounts of weight - the target for the first three months was 100 lbs, for example.  It was pretty formulaic, of course, and the ending felt a bit (OK, very) artificial, but it held a horrid fascination for me - until I dozed off in my chair, anyway!

That was it, really.  A bit of a dull and boring day!  Better check the porridge and restart on the reports!


Dianeuk said...

Good luck with the reports It is no wonder most of mine said could do better!!!!

Joy said...

Thanks and LOL - we have to write in a LOT more detail that they did then. Looking at my old school reports, I could get them finished in half a day if they were the same now! Comments like 'Fair', 'Good', 'could do better' really don;t say anything very much, do they?
J x

Annabeth said...

Good luck with living beyond the line, keeping everything crossed for you all! xx

Joy said...

Thanks, Annabeth. Surviving thus far! :-)
J x