Saturday, 22 June 2013


Well, we might have guessed.  It's June fair day, we need the weather to be fine and it isn't, it's nasty and manky, cold and breezy, wet . . . good for the garden (the rain is anyway) but not for the June Fair.  It is looking just a little bit brighter, so here's hoping we get some sun between 12 and 3.

I do love my Saturday mornings.  Up early (I can't sleep late) into the kitchen and into Thermione go the bread ingredients for a knead followed by a rise in a big bowl in the warmest place in the house, where the sun is shining in (when it's actually sunny).  Then a knock back and into a bread tin to prove before a baking.  This process makes the house smell good, even before the loaves go in the oven, with that earthy, yeasty, wholesome aroma that you get from bread dough.  As the dough is doing what comes naturally, I am usually creating something else - today it is savoury mince, so that I can use the same oven heat, if necessary.  Today I'm having a try in my pressure cooker though, to see how it goes, and I must remember not to add any extra water as I usually do.

The rest of my Saturday duties are not so much fun really - washing ironing, changing the bed, etc, but dear me, it all has to be done!  Then it's shopping (if I have any to do) and I quite enjoy that, especially when I'm on the lookout for bargains.  With Morrison's being so near, it's not a hassle in any way.

Today there's no school work.  I'm taking the day off completely.  Tomorrow Beth and Alex aren't coming around so I will have a quiet day enjoying life in the way I like.  There's a few bits and bobs to do but it's all sit-in-front-of-the-telly type stuff, so no complaints from me.  I think I will watch a whole load of rubbish telly tomorrow!

You may remember that several weeks ago I ordered a couple of tomato 'grow houses' for my tomato plants.  Well, the plants are here and growing mightily, but the grow houses have not arrived. so yesterday I emailed to find out what was going on (especially as the blurb had said they would be with me within a fortnight).  It seems that there's been a delay (well, yes, I kinda gathered that) but they would be with me next week.  We shall see!!!  Meanwhile, it's so jolly cold I'm bringing my tomatoes back inside again, poor things!

It's dulled up again now and it's wet and nasty!  Boo.

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