Friday, 7 June 2013


Just to let my readers know, I am having internet problems at the moment and may not be able to post for a while.  Sorry.


Sonja229 said...

So sorry to hear of your internet problems, Joy - do hope you will be able to get it sorted soon.
Best of luck with reports, et al, so pleased to hear the family assembly went well. :o) S. xxx

Joy said...

Thank you so much, Sonja. The family assembly did go well, as did today's with the other Y1 class taking the lead and my class acting as choir. The children were rewarded too - one of the mums brought little bags of chocolate buttons in for all the children in year 1 to say well done. Wasn't that just absolutely lovely?

J x

JuliesMum said...

Oh no!

Joy said...

Oh, yes, it was a right pain in the wotsit!!! Back now though.
J x

Sonja said...

How lovely of one of the Mums to bringin in the little bags of chocolate buttons, that's a kind thought and was, I am sure, much appreciated.
Great that you are back online and well done re the report-writing! :o) S. xxx

Joy said...

Wasn't it kind of her? She is a lovely lady.
J x