Wednesday, 29 May 2013

One to read.

I don't pass on many other blog things really except for foody things.  Perhaps I should do more.  This one has impacted on me to a surprising degree.

I've known people who have been hurt deeply by ATOS - and I've not talking about 'poor little me' hurt, I'm talking about huge, deep, very damaging,  totally unnecessary and completely avoidable hurt.  I have three friends who I consider good friends, vulnerable people who have been ATOS damaged.

Please, please follow this link, read the article and, if it resonates, pass it on in whatever way is available to you.  It might not make any different - but it might.  You just never know.


JuliesMum said...

Joy, thanks for posting this. It says it all very eloquently. Why can't people hear?

Joy said...

Perhaps others need to shout louder. I don't know. Please feel free to copy and paste and spread around.

J x

sweffling said...

I have shared. For some time it has borne in on me that Dickensian times are coming back full force. It is appalling. I know someone who tried to kill himself when told he would have to pay money he did not have for his spare room, or move to another city since there were no one-bedroom flats where he lived. And he needs his spare room for his carer. Today I heard that Hunt is floating the idea that we can only have a specific number of visits to our GPs and after that we have to pay for each visit. Time for a march I think.

Joy said...

Thank you for passing it on, Sweffling.
More and more I am believing that the underlying agenda is to 'decrease the surplus population', as Dickens puts it. Those who need their GP the most are very often those who are already vulnerable, already disadvantaged, already most likely to be unemployed because they cannot work (whatever ATOS says).
I feel sick when I think of what is happening to this country and what the longer term effects will be. it is truly dreadful.

J x