Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday morning

Good morning everyone and welcome to a dull, damp Saturday morning.  We have to have some sun at some point soon, surely.  Actually, that's not fair, we did have sun one day this week and it was lovely!

As I am sure you have guessed from previous posts, this weekend is a thermomix weekend.  I have a list of recipes I want to try as long as your arm and as a result the shopping list is also getting longer and longer too.  I thought one was supposed to save money with a TM!!

This weekend I want to make some mars bar slices, some bread, a mushroom risotto, some fish pies (for the freezer to use up some cheese sauce I made yesterday) and a lychee sorbet.  The risotto and sorbet will be for Sunday lunch when Beth and Al come round and I will have one of the fish pies for dinner tonight.  I have some neat little foil dishes which I can use to make single portions, the main problem being that one may not be enough!!!  I will have to exercise some self restraint!

I bought cans of lychees yesterday for the sorbet and today I will single freeze them in the hopes that I won't need to use any ice cubes as well.  I can use the syrup too - some of it, anyway.  I read somewhere that if you add glucose syrup it makes a soft frozen sorbet but I am not sure when, how and how much, so I have to investigate that (courtesy of Google) For the fish pies I will use salmon and prawns and I will steam some veg in the varoma after making a crumble topping.  I think that will be very tasty and if it works as I hope, I'll post the recipe in Teacher's Recipes.

Now I need to make breakfast.  It's Saturday so I think I will spoil myself with a cooked brekky - bacon, egg and toast.  Yum!


Dianeuk said...

you will not be disappointed with the risotto but be prepare for it to be quite wet which is correct

Joy said...

Ah, thanks. That's worth knowing.
J x

JuliesMum said...

Mars bar slices?! They sound truly wicked.

Joy said...

They are delicious and a lot less messy made in the Thermomix, but it's not something I would say the TM is particularly helpful for. It does save on washing up, mind you - always a plus point!
J x