Friday, 29 March 2013

And it worked

Here's the latest Hollywood bloomer.  The right shape, colour and, hopefully, taste.  It tastes pretty good to me anyway!

I also made some hot cross buns but couldn't be bothered to faff around with flour and water paste so I guess they should really be called 'not cross buns'!  They're only just out of the oven so I have no idea whether they taste good or not but they smell OK!

I'm having a lovely day!


JuliesMum said...

That's a lovely looking loaf!

Joy said...

Thank you. It tastes pretty good too. I can see myself making it on a regular basis. It's a slow loaf though - one needs to be around for quite a while.
J x

Dianeuk said...

Baking is such fun when it turns out well and yours certainly looks lovely. The last time I made hot cross buns I glazed them with honey let down with some cream which my book recommended and it was really lovely sticky and sweet. I never bother with the crosses either to much mucking about for no added value.

Joy said...

I think one of the nice things about baking is that even if it doesn't look all that wonderful, it almost always tastes fantastic.
I like your glazing idea, thanks.

J x