Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Another dull and grey day, damp and dismal right now and looking as if it is set for the day.  never mind, it may be Tuesday and playground duty day, but it's HALF TERM (just in case any of my lovely readers hadn't realised!).

As I mentioned before, after making the plaited loaf on Saturday I had another go on Sunday, this time using the actual recipe from Paul Hollywood and instructions for four and five plaited loaves (or large rolls, as I decided to go with).  The plaiting turned out well and was a lot easier, but you know what - I didn't like the taste of the bread nearly as much as the recipe I use normally.  Basically, it is too salty, way too salty.  I've been cutting down gradually on the amount of salt that I use so the impact was perhaps all the greater because of that, but even so, 10g of salt is a lot!!
The web site where I got the plaiting instructions has some likely looking recipes but they are all in American and I cannot be having quantities like one package, a packed cup, etc . . . I think I'm too old!
I think what I'd love to do now is something like brioche or croissants so I feel some research coming on.

I've become a right gadabout this week - for me, that is.  Yesterday a friend came round for lunch, today another friend is coming round for coffee, then Alex is round to stay the night, tomorrow he stays until late morning, Thursday I'm out to the Hare `with Julie and Linda, Friday . . . oh, you get the message.  Suffice it to say I'm doing something organised every single day!

I was reading the new Which? last week where it reviews kettles and thinking smugly how well my kettle is lasting.  It's been going for years and years.  I should have known better.  Yesterday when I turned it on, the light that lights up the water level bit started flashing, then went off.  Today it did the same thing although later on yesterday it was working fine.  Now, the kettle is still working fine, the on/off light works but I'm starting to wonder if it is getting to the end of its natural life.  I guess I will see, won't I?  There's always something!

I'm off for my second coffee of the day!  Have a great day yourself.

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