Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Good morning, readers.  It is still somewhat damp and misty outside, maybe not as bad as yesterday which is good, but room for improvement all the same!  And I'm on playground duty morning and afternoon (groan).

Yesterday I had to pick Alex up from his new secondary school.  I say 'new' but he has been there for nearly eight weeks now so maybe 'new' is not the right term to use.  It was good to see how comfortable and relaxed he seems to be in his new environment.  I swear he's grown again since I saw him on Sunday though!!  These wartime rations seems to suit him no end.

Yesterday morning and all the available surfaces were cleared in preparation for the Invasion of the Bears.  And in they came in their hundreds - OK, a slight exaggeration, in their twenty five or so.  Plenty for a small classroom.  To be quite accurate, it was twenty four teddies and one rabbit who is an honorary teddy for the week.  We sang teddy songs, listened to teddy stories and made a simple teddy hand puppet.  A good start to the week.  Today we start what the week is really about which is poetry, including The Text, words that rhyme with 'bear' (not as simple as it sounds), a session with a poet and making a teddy bear ears crown (don't ask!).

It's going to be good!

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