Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday evening

Yesterday was a very peculiar day. Apart from the ongoing feeling not so good which was strong enough to make me cancel DD and DG's Sunday visit, I had another disaster with the blueberry jam. This time I cooked the berries first, then pushed them through the mouli, measured the results, added sugar and boiled to setting point. I got the preheated jars out of the oven, poured in the hot jam and - both jars cracked. BOTH!!! You know why? Because they were too hot. My fault - I had heated up the oven to cook some bread and forgot that the jars should not be so hot. A great shame because the jam tasted wonderful but it all had to go. I can't risk splinters of glass. And they were just the right size too, so I'm cheesed off. Luckily, the jars were both in a roasting dish so the mess was contained.

Third time lucky. Next weekend. Maybe.

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