Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday evening

No more sleeps, no more days. The school year has ended.

And what a bitter sweet day it has been too. So many hugs, so many kind words spoken, so many tears.

'My' parents have been eavesdropping in here, I think. They gave me some lovely presents related to my culinary interests - a baking stone (something I wanted so much and decided not to get as it was pretty dear), a super jam making spoon with a hook to hasten it to the side of the pan when not in use, jam jars and lids, lovely paper lid covers, a book of recipes, plus so many other thoughtful, kindly gifts. And then there were the cards - cards with such wonderful messages that reduced me to tears more than once. Cards from each of my table groups, with a photo on the front and pictures inside. Cards with words of appreciation from parents and from children.

And then there was the album with pictures drawn by the children and words written by them. Something I will treasure for a long time to come.


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