Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday morning

It was a funny old day yesterday. I slept quite a lot (good), watched rubbish telly (not so good), messed about in the kitchen (now very untidy again) and generally wasted the day away.

I made blueberry jam. Not terribly successful. I'm going to have another go and do it properly this time. Maybe it's a sign of how tired I am that I forgot to stew the fruit first to soften it. Ho hum. As blueberries are very 'seedy', I think I will push the stewed fruit through my mouli thing before adding the sugar, etc. Luckily I only used a small amount of the fruit I have in the freezer.

I had a go at making potato bread, using instant mash (sorry, purists). The dough was extremely soft but the results were quite delicious and I will certainly have another go at some point, to see if I can create a workable recipe.

And now I'm off to bed because sleep is catching up with me again. I hope I feel more with it again tomorrow - I'm playing the WoOz again tomorrow when the juniors perform it all to key stage 1. At least I will be playing a piano this time (I sincerely hope). And I must get some planning done today too! :0)

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