Thursday 28 December 2017

Thursday: The Third Day of Christmas

Good morning, everyone.  Did you get caught out by the snow yesterday?  We certainly did here.  We were forecast heavy rain and perhaps some sleet and instead we got the heaviest snow I have seen in a long while that started settling, despite the very wet ground.  There was also a strong wing which made it all very dramatic and it put the clappers on going out, which was a real nuisance.

Not a very good photo of across the field to the farmhouse, but you get the idea.  The snow was more or less horizontal in the strong wind.

So I stayed in, daring the journey to the shed now and again, and dealt with the rest of the turkey - everything in the freezer, boxes of meat and boxes of stock.

Today's letter is E.  E is for Exercise and Energy.  A short while ago I bought some old Rosemary Conley Salsacise DVDs from Amazon and I'm going to start using them.  I used them a long time ago and got on very well with them so fingers crossed.  I know it's not much like a treat, but the results will be good and I should feel more energetic.

T   Turkey
W   Winter Ware
E   Exercise and Energy

Things are a little difficult around here right now so if by any chance I miss a few days, please don't worry.  I will be back.


  1. did the snow end up sticking? we had a big flurry but the ground was to wet and it just melted on contact

  2. Just a little bit when it was very heavy and blizzardy but it's all gone now. AT Bishop's Stortford, only 20 miles or so away, it was much worse and it caused a lot of problems at nearby Stansted airport.
    J x

  3. The sleet also turned into heavy snowfall for a while with gusty wind, the outhouse door of the lean to at the end of the garage was blown out of my hands, but luckily not off the hinges. The snow never settled though and this morning we have bright sunshine and clear skies.

    Hope your difficulty is not because you're feeling poorly but best wishes that it gets solved soon.

  4. Hope your difficulties resolves themselves easily xxxx

  5. I feel really deprived ... not a hint of snow here in Torbay! Indeed, we had chilling winds yesterday but today it's much milder, no wind, bright blue sky and sunshine. It's more like spring and then we see the snow and ice everywhere else on the TV News, and I feel really deprived! But I know I should be careful for what I wish for!
    I like your idea of the Twelve Days of Christmas. What will you do for L and certainly (Loiter around the Sales, ha ha!) or V (take in the view from your various rooms in your house?)
    Happy New Year to you and yours,
    Margaret P

  6. I thought I had done a reply to these but evidently not! Sorry.
    Annabeth: We did have some settlement and the roads were very nasty for a time, but it all cleared by the next day. I'm very glad the door didn't come off its hinges.
    The difficulties are illness related but not me and, Rachel, sadly, they are not going to be easily resolved but there you go!
    Margaret, the L was Low-fat, sorry! V is F and it today's! :-)
    Happy new year to you too.

    J x

  7. Bugger
    That’s my response. You know where I am if you need a rant x

  8. I do - thanks, lovely lady!
    J x