Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Good morning!  It's frosty and foggy out there this morning so fingers crossed for Beth (and everyone else) as she/you drives to work in the rush hour.  Freezing fog is not very nice.

When I wrote yesterday's entry, I forgot that yesterday evening I was out.  It was Alex's last Presentation Evening at his old school and I mentioned here that we had no idea what his 'prize' was, just that he had one.  Well, now I know, of course.  He was awarded the Carol Buck Prize for Special Effort and Achievement!  Isn't that lovely!  Well deserved as he has worked his socks off in his time at Baddow High.

I seem to have a number of new readers so I will just explain that Alex is my grandson and is quite autistic.  At the age of three, it was thought that he would never become verbal!
He was given a Statement of Special Educational Needs when he was three, was given a place at a very good special school in the area and blossomed there.  He went with a LSA to the local grammar school for maths lessons for a while and then transferred to Baddow, dropped a school year so that he could experience the national curriculum (because he hadn't done the usual subjects at his special school, of course, and needed to choose his GCSE options) and shocked us all with his outstanding GCSE results.  He went on to A levels with a focus on maths and science, got three high grade A levels and is now at UEA doing maths. 

He's a very special individual indeed with a special and individual life-story and his award is well deserved!  It is great that his old school has been so quick to recognise and acknowledge this.

Earlier in the day I enjoyed the coffee and chat at school and then I worked hard to finish something back at home.  Tuition went well and I have just one session before stopping for the break: the other one has dropped out, understandably, and that's perfectly OK.

I woke up this morning to find that the cold that has been threatening all through the weekend has thoroughly landed.  Sore throat, muggy head and aches.  Nothing that a dose of paracetamol won't soothe and there's honey and lemon (providentially low fat) for later if needed.

I have a meeting this morning and this afternoon I am off to the Carols By Candlelight that is now a school tradition on the last afternoon before Christmas.  I have a particular fondness for this one because I started it, many, many moons ago, and I always go if I can.  Then it is one more tuition session before a quiet evening at home (this time I am sure).

So I had better go and dose up, make some restorative coffee and generally get things started off.  Have a very good day and stay warm!


Diane said...

Sorry to hear about the cold I am sure it is something to do with the stress of the impending holiday I cant tell you how many christmas lunches I have cooked feeling like death warmed up. Hope you feel better soon

Joy said...

You know what, Diane, I think my body is tuned to crashing at the end of each term after so many decades of doing just that. Each school holiday seems to start with something - a cold, some other virus or a tummy upset - weird but true. :-)
Thanks, I am sure it won't last long and I don't absolutely have to do anything much. The first coffee is helping considerably!
J x

Annabeth said...

Congratulations to Alex!

Sorry about the cold, hope it disappears quickly.

Joy said...

I'm sure it will. They come and they go and |I've suspected this one has been blowing up for several days. Just hope I haven't given it to Mum or Dad.
J x

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your cold, Joy - what a shame, so close to Christmas, too! Do hope it won't hang around and that you feel better very, very soon.
How wonderful with Alex and his award - a very, very special young man indeed and it is lovely to hear how brilliantly he has done, and is doing.
Have a lovely evening and take great care! S. xxxx

Joy said...

Thanks, S., we were extremely proud of him as you can imagine. The cold will be OK and there's not much I can do about it really. They follow their own path! :-)
J x

Everydaythings said...

Being a new reader here I qppreciated the backstory about your grandson! Go Him, and well done. Hope youre feeling better soon!

Joy said...

I missed this earlier, so sorry.
IT was a very slight cold, hardly worth the effort of sneezing! :-)
J x