Thursday, 10 August 2017


Good morning!  It's quite dull outside but, thank goodness, the rain stopped overnight and things are drying up.  It's a while since we had a day's rain like that - great for the allotment and garden but maybe not so great for the fields of corn waiting to be harvested.  It was cold too, cold enough to turn on the heating come the evening, southern softie that I am!

Yesterday was a day of gradually feeling better as the day progressed, of tentatively eating and hoping it would stay put.  It did (not that I ate much) and I've had a superb night's sleep too

I've looked back and don't seem to have mentioned that I've paid off the rest of my holiday so it's definitely happening now.  A week staying in a little cottage in a village in the northern edge of the Chatsworth Estate with loads of interesting and lovely places nearby.  I do love that part of the world.
Now I am busy making a list of Things To Do.

Back to yesterday, as I was feeling weak and woolly, I brought down a load of T shirts that are too long and started the process of turning them up.  It's not a job that takes much thought of skill, just a bit of measuring, plenty of tacking, a machine with a stretch stitch and the right coloured cotton.  I was lucky in that I only need to get cotton for two colours - the rest all matched nicely with what I have and most of them are now upstairs again, waiting to be worn.  A job well done, I think, even if it did take me several hours.

Today Beth is over as we have some bags to make for someone.  I've cancelled tuition for the week - the 48 hour rule, you know, plus having seen children brought back to school as soon as their symptoms have gone, only to see them sent home again a few hours later, having spread their bugs far and wide, poor kids!

It still feels cold, or maybe that's just me, so I'm looking forward to a hot bath before getting dressed for the day.  But first, coffee!

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