Saturday, 19 August 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's sunny outside but the puddles tell me that it's been raining.  Yesterday was the same;  in fact, we have two or three very sharp, stormy showers and I was thankful not to get caught out in them.

Yesterday was busy doing this, that and the other stuff.  Homey things that need to be done.

A bit of useless information - I have discovered that when you freeze green beans they don't stick together.  You really wanted to know that, didn't you?  😃

Have a good day and stay dry!


Annabeth said...

Not sure whether it's ok to freeze green beans without blanching though. The general advice is no because blanching stops the enzymes, just freezing doesn't. Enzymes ripen the vegetables and ultimately over ripen them and they will continue to do so, albeit more slowly, when frozen. However, they should be ok if used within 8 weeks. Good luck!

Joy said...

I looked it up and they said it was fine even for longer times. I know I've had runners over a year frozen and they've been fine too so I think they will be OK
Fingers crossed anyway! 😊
J x