Friday, 4 August 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It looks as if it might be a pleasant enough day today - the clouds are high and there's a fresh breeze.  Not particularly warm yet, but you never know.  Yesterday was pleasant at time but the fairly stiff breeze made it uncomfortable to sit out which was a shame.  Fingers crossed for better weather to come.

Yesterday I made some dough and then wandered off to Aldi while the dough rose.  When I got back it was about time to knock it back and I added some chopped walnuts and mixed seeds before baking and it was absolutely delicious.  I posted about the recipe here.

The kitchen is in a reasonable state now (minor miracle) and ready for the cleaners.  The rest of the house is getting there; most of the mess is superficial and easily sorted.

After an early morning tuition, I have time to potter around, sorting things out, without breaking into too much of a sweat which is a situation I hope I will always appreciate after so many years of weekend rushing around.

In the garden, the runners are running, the tomatoes are blushing, I'm picking sweet peas and anemones - and on the allotment I suspect the courgettes are romping away too.  In a very small way, definitely the good life.

Before tuition, I want to start off another load so when I get back, it will be ready to knock back, etc.  It's going to be another nut and seed effort, for some friends.  I can see that I shall be making it fairly often.

Well, time is marching on and there's plenty to do so I'll wish you a happy and productive day and say goodbye for now.

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