Thursday, 2 June 2016


It's still cold.
It's still dull.
It's still very windy.
This is getting boring.  Where's the sun?  It's 'flaming June', for goodness sakes!

OK, grumble over.  After all, in other parts they're having glorious sunshine and temperatures in the twenties.  Maybe that will be here next week.

Yesterday my overlocker arrived.  We (Beth and I) have been considering getting one for quite a while now, just because, so when an ad arrived in my mailbox from the company we use for all our sewing machine essentials for an overlocker half price (bank holiday sale thingy) I didn't hesitate for very long.  I've looked in bewilderment at the machine and the instructions and need to work through them step by step.  It looks complicated but if I can use Thermione with ease, I can use this too.

I shelled out for a few things.  The willow basket weaving course is definitely on and a friend is coming too which will be nice so I sent off the cheque for that.  I've also sent off the deposit for the short holiday I am having at the beginning of September (just after the schools go back) in Suffolk which makes it really real now.

Then Beth and Sharon arrived and an hour and a half later Beth and I were both feeling a lot less shaggy around the head.  She (Sharon) is really good.  Her cuts last from appointment to appointment, hold shape well and are easy to manage.  She's a treasure and the fact that she comes to my home is a real bonus.

On to today - I was going to have coffee with a dear friend but she's not terribly well so I may not go.  I've messaged her and will see what she says.  I need to do a bit of tidying downstairs in preparation for the cleaners tomorrow.  People laugh when I say that but actually it means they can spend their time (and my money) doing the cleaning which is what I want them to do, rather than having to tidy things first.  It makes sense to me.

And, you never know, today might be the day I get my bedroom sorted.  Pigs might fly too.  Wouldn't that be a thing!

Today's food.
B:  fruit salad with natural yogurt and granola
L:  tuna salad wrap, orange
D:  turkey meatballs in a sweet pepper sauce, tagliatelle, jelly


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