Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Well, that particular sunny spell didn't last very long, did it?  Yesterday started warm and sunny, turned extremely humid and ended with a good storm and torrential rain.  At least I don't need to worry about the garden or the allotment getting enough water today!  It's early to say but it's not looking too promising out there at the moment.

I made dinner yesterday.  A right mish-mash of things from the freezer - belly pork, runner beans, wedges, corn on the cob - you name it, we had it (OK, slight exaggeration there)!  I did the belly port in a barbie sauce as described in a very old Readers Digest book called The Cookery Year.  Mum commented that her copy was in a disgraceful state (it is rather) and she really ought to look for another one so I came online, found a second hand copy on Amazon in 'very good' condition and bought it.  That was my good deed for the day!

I have decided I really don't like cooking with gas.  I've always been an electric girl myself and it upset all my timings, not to mention cooking 'differently'.  I wasn't all that pleased about how the belly pork came out but the sauce itself was really lovely and I shall try it with chicken some time soon.

Weather permitting, we are hoping to get out to Standalone Farm today.  Standalone is a small working show farm.  I used to take Beth and Dave when they were little and Beth took Alex there too when he was a little lad.  I haven't been for a long, long time and it has developed and changed, so it should be super.  If it's raining we won't go so fingers crossed - and if you're ever in the area it is well worth a visit.

On facebook yesterday, Beth listed all the stuff we are growing this year.  It is more that I thought when you put it all together so here it is:
". . . babycorn, yellow courgettes, cucumbers, mangetout, charlotte potatoes, big ol' baking potatoes, borlotti beans and french beans. Two kinds of apples, pear and plum on the trees. Rhubarb at the plot and at mine. Strawbs, toms and runner beans at Mum's too."
I don't think we will starve this summer!
Mind you, this being a funny old year, weather wise, I have already received notification of two full Smith periods from the very useful Blightwatch site so who knows whether the toms will survive very long!

Have a great day and fingers crossed for the sun!


Diane said...

With this weather of sun and rain you should have a bummper crop

Joy said...

Fingers crossed. Wouldn't that be great!
J x

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oakleyses said...
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Rachelradiostar said...

Doesn't seem two minutes since last year's blight watch!

Joy said...

I know - mind you, these are very early warnings.
J x