Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Good moning, Gentle readers all.  Apologies for not appearing yesterday but here am I, back again.

The weather really has changed good and proper now with loads of sun, warmth and hay fever.  Yes, the sneezes are truly back with a vengeance and I'm on the pills again.  No complaints - it's fantastic to have such effective and reasonably priced medicaton to hand because without it this time of year would be a misery for so many people.

Nothing very exciting is happening and life is plodding happily along.  The second half of the last last term has now started and in under three month I will have been a lady of leisure for a year.  With hindsight it seems to have passed very quickly in some ways and slowly in others.  I suppose that is normal.

Yesterday evening I went out for a meal with Mum and Dad.  I had chicken and bacon salad, an ordinary name but a very delicious salad which was rather like a caesar salad.  We both helped mum along with her chips!  Then it was back for Sewing Bee but I'm afraid I fell asleep so after I've finished this I am going to access it on iPlayer and watch it again.

Today I don't have any real plans apart from coffee and cake at a find raiser for a toddlers club.  I'm not doing the allotment this week but Beth is and she's been working hard doing all sorts of bits and pieces to get things under control, bless her.   She's a star.

Well, I had better stop now.  I need coffee and no-one else is going to make it fo me so I'd better get going!  See you tomorrow and I hope you enjoy this wonderful weather we are having (if you're having it too, of course).


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oakleyses said...
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Rachelradiostar said...

I fell asleep in the sewing bee too! Just exhausted!

Joy said...

I watched on playback later.
It was a good one though.
J x