Sunday, 10 May 2015


Good morning.  It's cool here but there are no low clouds and it might turn out to be a nice day  as, in parts, yesterday was.  The wind seems to have died down again for now which makes things more comfortable and, with all the rain we have been getting, the beds are now much damper.

Today I am expecting Beth over for lunch and in the afternopon E is coming to talk about computer options with me.  Should be good.

I will leave you with a few photos from Hyde Hall last Monday.


Frugal Queen said...

Lovely pictures x

Joy said...

Thank you, Froogs. I go click, click, click and perhaps one in eight is worth editing! I love my digi camera!
J x

Sonja said...

Lovely photographs, particularly love the duck. :o)
It's very warm here today and the wind has died down, too. It is supposed to be very warm this week, isn't it - you will be pleased about this, I am sure. :o)
Hope you have had a lovely weekend. S.xxxx

Joy said...

I wouldn't like too warm but today has been really lovely. The weekend has gone well - shame about work tomorrow!!!!!
J x