Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Good morning!.  I've taken a peek out but can't see what the weather is doing as it's too dark.  It's supposed to be very wet all day according to various forecasts so I will snuggle down indoors and get on with some marking and levelling.  After all, it has to be done and this is an opportunity.

I heard back from Morrisons who said 'I have passed this on to management and they will be looking to sort this out'.  They're also sending me some 'goodwill gesture' vouchers.  Can't say no to that, can I? In this day and age, even a free fiver is well worth having and I doubt it will be much more than that!  I shall be keeping an eye on things though and will be back in touch if they don't sort out those paving stones.  'Looking to sort this out' doesn't sound as definite as I would like.

I'm getting on with that knitting although I made a very silly mistake yesterday.  For small items, I like to knit both sleeves together, on the same needles using two balls of wool, obviously.  Well, I did the wrist and increased for the main part and found that one sleeve didn't have enough stitches - I had cast on too few.  Talk about feeling silly.  So I now have to rework that bit before I can carry on.  Fortunately it is small and won't take more than a short time.

Before all that though, I need coffee .  .  .


Annabeth said...

It's a familiar story, happily I knit in front of the telly at night, only to undo the mistakes I made in the dark the following day. If only I would learn to use that gadget to correct the split yarn stitches in garter stitch ....

Joy said...

I can undo down the way if it's just a few errors, but too few stitches isn't repairable really. Some was the bad light but some was just tiredness, I think. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
J x

Chrissie said...

How are the aches doing today? I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment earlier, even when I'm disappearing down my mental plughole you always make me feel better!

Joy said...

I'm glad it helped, Chrissie. Be kind to yourself, eh?
The aches are fewer, thank goodness.
J x