Monday, 27 October 2014


It's Monday morning, past 7:30 and I am still in my bed clothes with an empty coffee mug beside me.  Yay!!!   It seems to be sunny out there from what I can see through the crack in the curtains and it feels great!

Yesterday was a day of happenings.

First of all, I went to Morrisons almost as soon as it opened.  As I neared the trolley shed, I stepped on a very uneven couple of paving stones, over went my ankle (as it tends to do), then it sprang back, unbalancing me, the knee of the other leg (the knee that's been causing me problems) wrenched and I fell headlong into the end of the trolleys, fortunately grabbing one as I fell and banging my face on my hand, not on the handle.  Ouch - and one feels such an idiot.  I've had any number of falls from my dodgy ankles in my lifetime and it is still embarrassing.  After doing my shopping I went to talk to the youngster in charge.  Well, he looked like a youngster but then doesn't everyone when you get to my age?  I showed him the uneven surface and whinged but, to be honest, my main concern is for the elderly folk who live in accommodation just over the road and who use the shop regularly.

I got a very polite response and a promise to have it logged but when I got home I contacted 'Central Office' or whatever it's called and now I await a response.

Unfortunately, through the day the aches got worse and worse.  I think I wrenched my back when I grabbed at the trolley and then twisted as my face hit my hand.  So now it's ouch, oooh, inhale and hold, etc!  It'll easy off in time but I shall have another whinge when Morrisons gets in tough and even more if they don't.

That was the drama of the day.  The rest is nice.

In the interests of getting some rationality into the freezer I took out some mince (which turned out to be pork mince), some mixed veg, some chickpeas, some of the rather over chillied tomato sauce made a few weeks ago and, with bits and bobs that need using up in the fridge, made some pork and chickpea chili.  It tastes good and that's six portions in the freezer for easy evening meals.l

Beth and Alex came round and had coffee while Alex did his hour.  That was nice.  Then, in the evening, we all went out to the Hare for a meal together.  That was also lovely.

So a bit of a day.  Today should be nicer, fingers crossed.


joanygee said...

Ouch, I feel for you! It seems to me that falls are happening more often to me too. Take good care of yourself my friend. Hope the ouches recede and you are soon on the mend. Jx

Annabeth said...

Wonky ankles are a curse, hope you feel better soon!

Joy said...

I guess it is age, Joan. I am careful, knowing the weak ankles can play up suddenly, but even so. Accidents will happen!
Thanks, Annabeth. Ibuprofen is a wondrous thing! :-)
J x

Diane said...

Sorry to hear of your tumble as you say you feel such an idiot. But good for you doing something about it before someone ends up breaking a bone. Nice hot soak in a bath is always comforting for such injuries I don't think it is a cure but it sure makes you feel better.

Joy said...

It really does and I'm about to have one. A bit late but seeing as there's no school today I have been doing the chores before getting dressed. Nice.
Normally I don't make a fuss to the 'authorities' about my tumbles which have been very rare in the past ten years anyway and I'm certainly not one to think about suing or anything like that but I am worried about those elderly people. As we have accommodation just over the road from the shop, they use it and for some it can be a daily trip - I just want it to be the right kind of trip for thgem!
J x

joanygee said...

One of the reasons for doing Tai Chi is to improve my sense of balance and the other is to strengthen joints. Counter attack on 'old age' Jx

Joy said...

Good for you! It must help a lot.
J x