Sunday, 3 August 2014


It is lovely and sunny this morning, but not hot.  In fact I was able to sleep under the quilt all night which was lovely.  I do like to snuggle down!  I'm glad the sweltering heat has gone away for a while although I gather from the BBC weather site that we might have some more humidity later on.

I also see from a Blightwatch message that blight has struck somewhere in CM3 (not this area) so I am keeping my beady eyes open.

Sadly, the six tomato plants my dad gave me all have blossom end rot, which is a right pain.  I know it is not the end of the plants and I suspect I have been over-watering them, but I'm a bit gutted.  I need to read up about it and see what I can do about it.  The other tomatoes seem to be doing reasonably OK, including the accidental ones.

There are zillions of runner beans to pick so we will have some for lunch, together with the courgette recipe I made last week and fancy again while Alex can have a piece of chicken, oven baked in something or other, maybe a barbecue sauce as he likes that.  Sainsbury's had King Edwards in so I bought a bag because they do make the best ever roasties.  Dessert can be fresh fruit, I think.

I'm slowly getting things straight after the holiday.  The knee is still being a pain and various other aches and pains jumped up and shouted yesterday.  I am sure they are the result of limping and thus straining other parts that don't normally get used in that way, so I'm not concerned, just uncomfortable!!  Thankfully, I can rest and relax now.

I was a bit disconcerted to see a puddle of coffee under my coffee maker this morning as I made my usual weekend treat of a proper cup of coffee.  Yes, the machine is leaking which means off to the online shops to buy another one.  I wouldn't bother but my mum and dad love their fresh coffee and, to them, cafetiere coffee just doesn't wing it.  Ah well, it could be worse!

This morning, as well as the lunch, I want to make bread and gingernuts (for a friend who is pregnant and sick so maybe the ginger will help) and if Beth turns up with courgettes I want to make another courgette cake, this time with some chopped apricots.

I have a friend round for dinner on Tuesday so I am starting to think about what I can make.  I fancy something chicken-y and nothing too heavy.  I've decided on salmon mousse for a starter and already have the salmon trimmings.  Now I can have fun trawling through various web sites and through my favourite cookery books.  I may be gone some time . . .

Better get started then!

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