Thursday, 21 August 2014


Brrr - it's chilly right now.  Where did I leave my slippers?

Yesterday was a funny old mix of a day.  I intended to go into school, truly I did, but instead I set to and had fun in the kitchen.  I dug out some frozen cranberries and made some cranberry sauce for Christmas in November.  I made gingernuts to take to a friend's house.  I had bought a huge carton of tomatoes reduced in Morrisons over the weekend so I quartered some, drizzled them in olive oil, roasted them for ages and then mouli-ed them to get a nice, thick, simple passata which is going in the freezer.  Obviously it is not as flavoursome as it would be made with garden tomatoes but as they aren't playing ball right now, this is a useful substitute.  Having fresh passata ready is so convenient and tastes an awful lot better that the stuff in cartons.
And you never know, the garden tomatoes might yet get the idea.

After all that I was quite tired so I sat down and had a nice snooze.  I decided that it was holiday and I didn't HAVE to go into school if I didn't want to, so I didn't.  It felt holiday-ish.

And then in the afternoon I went round to Nicki and Pete's home for coffee (well, tea, in fact) and cake.  I like to go bearing gifts so I took some runner beans, some home made chutney and some gingernuts.  Nicki is pregnant and has some morning sickness so they might help, ginger being good for that sort of thing.  We had a good old chat and I had a guided tour of their semi-new home which is amazing!

I wrote up the recipe for the cranberry sauce.  Nothing special, fairly bog standard but made without a recipe.  And it's quite nice too.  It is over on t'other blog which seems to be getting a decent number of hits at the moment (for a little, unimportant blog, I mean).  I'll have to keep it up a bit more consistently, I think, if this keeps up.

Right, well, the question is do I have time to make some strawberry, rhubarb and cranberry jam before I go to school?  I wonder . . .


joanygee said...

Stay on holiday! Time yet for other stuff. Your holidays are hard earned
make the most of the opportunity. Jx

Joy said...

:-) I'm in school and it's one down, two to go. It is weirdly satisfying . . . and thre's an awful lot of rubbish!
J x