Friday, 28 October 2016


Apologies for the lateness.  Still not terribly well and I have cancelled a visit to my parents.  At nearly ninety, they could be considered pretty vulnerable to bugs of all sorts and I'm not going to inflict it on them.  It means, sadly, I will miss the Arcadians' show but it can't be helped.  Apart from not being in the right place anyway, the last thing anyone wants is someone coughing and sniffing their way through the performance.

So I am at home staying warm and resting, sleeping quite a lot and eating far too much.  Ho hum.

I'll be back!  :-)


Mum said...

Get well soon.

Joy said...

Thanks very much. I will, just not in time for this weekend's show. Ah, well, I'm lucky to have a warm and comfortable base and very few responsibilities nowadays.
J x

Chrissie said...

What a shame that you had to miss your visit! Better to reschedule than infect everyone though and you'll enjoy the visit more when you're well! What is the Arcadian's show?

Joy said...

The Arcadians is their local amateur operatic society and they are doing Thoroughly Modern Millie.
J x