Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Welcome to the last day of September.  Tomorrow the most Autumnal month of the year will start.  In September I can still pretend that it is summer, especially when we have the sort of weather we have enjoyed over the past few days.  In November there are so many reminders of Winter with Christmas stuff taking up large swathes of shop space and personal mental organisation as well as the possibility of frosts and maybe snow (it has been known).

But October is Autumn, pure and simple.  Evenings and morning get ever chillier and darker with that huge time shift towards the end of the month, leaves become radiant in their final beauty before death.  I love it . . .
It also contains the Autumn half term, of course, not that this has as much impact on me this year but habits die hard and I feel a throb of joy to think that as I am on contract I will be paid for that one day when I should work but won't.  Common sense tells me that because of this I get paid less on the days I do wok, but even so . . .

Yesterday was one of those days and it was very pleasant indeed, despite the fact that I left my carefully packed pasta lunch on the side in the kitchen instead of taking it with me.  I decided going over to Morrisons would cost more than a school lunch so I had the latter and it was very nice.  Unfortunately, after sitting on the side through what turned out to be a pleasantly warm day, the lunch had to be binned.  Such a waste and all my own fault.

Today is a home day.  I have a couple of friends coming for a late lunch so I will use some morning time to tidy and clean the living room which could certainly do with a bit of attention.  It will be a simple lunch.  Basically bread, pate and cheese with biscuits and apples for dessert.  The bread will be one of my home made baguettes, there will be home made chutney on the side and the biscuits will also be home made.  I must search for a nice recipe.  I am wondering about biscotti but I don't have any nuts and they are so nice in biscotti.  Muffins are easy and I have plenty of eggs, but I really fancy biscuits!  Decisions, decisions!

Well, I have washing to put in, which I want to be dried and back inside before my friends arrive, so I had better got started.  There's a dishwasher to empty and surfaces to wipe over too.  And coffee - always coffee- to make and consume!

Breakfast:  tomatoes on toast
Lunch:  Baguette with cheese, pate and chutney, mini tomatoes, biscuits, apples
Dinner:  I will likely have some baguette left so I think I will make a sort of French Bread pizza with whatever I have in the fridge.  I can make some tomato sauce when I fry my breakfast tomatoes!

A lot of bread today - ah well, at least I know what's gone into it!


Rachelradiostar said...

Morning Joy, sounds like a lovely day planned. It's def more chilly and I'll be switching quilts this weekend! The Autumn one will go on.
My go to fail safe biscuit recipe are my HG's Aunty Olive's ginger nuts. They come out perfect every time. So easy too. I can email you the recipe X

Joy said...

Yes, please, I'd appreciate the recipe, many thanks. Love gingernuts!
I don't switch quilts but I do add a cover if it's a bit chilly! :-)

J x

Rachelradiostar said...

Sent xx

Joy said...

. . . and used. Fantastic! Many thanks.
J x