Saturday, 5 September 2015

Beth Chatto gardens: some photos

I finally managed to load them up for editing so here they are.  What really struck me as I looked through them was how very green everything is.  Usually by this time of the year the verges are brown, the lawns have bare patches, the vegetation is drooping, but it almost looks spring - a real 'green and pleasant land'.


Chrissie said...

Absolutely stunning photographs - you're very talented with your camera! And the gardens themselves look gorgeous

Joy said...

Thank you, Chrissie. I do a fair bit of cropping and straightening on Photoshop, of course, but I do enjoy taking snaps.
The gardens are wonderful. Well worth a visit (if it's your thing).
J x

Annabeth said...

That's me too, straightening and zoom n'crop!!

Glorious and just as I remember it from a couple of decades ago!

Joy said...

I shall be going again, that's for sure. I wish Sissinghurst was near enough too.
J x

Diane said...

You need to see Sissinghurst when the roses are in full bloom as they do some wonderful training with spectacular results. I went once in the winter when only the bare bones were visible.

Joy said...

I did, Diane. I went when I was at Streele farm a couple of times. A wonderful place and, as you say, amazing roses.

J x