Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Brrrr - it's a bit parky this morning. It was yesterday too.  I was on playground duty am and we both shivered a little bit, especially out of the sun.

It was a nice day with plenty of smiles and fun.

I wrote the above this morning but didn't have time to finish.  So I will finish now.  Sorry!


joanygee said...

No worries, you have been thrown in at the deep end, far away from your comfort zone. You have had masses of extra stuff dumped on you. Roll on half term and relaxation. Jx

Sonja said...

Yes, it's wonderfully cold here during the latter half of the night and in the mornings, too - such an enormous relief, I have to say. :o)
So glad to hear you had plenty of smiles and fun, hope today will bring more of the same. :o)
Have a good one! S.xxx

Joy said...

To be fair, Joan, it's the same for everyone and, in fact, I have had a large chunk of stuff taken off my shoulders.
I love my class. Year 2 is suiting me, I think. :-)
It's definitely getting very autumnal, Sonja. Lovely colours on the trees too.
J x

joanygee said...

Adapting to a new year group and a tranche of other new stuff, you deserve to have your load lightened. Jx

Joy said...

And you are very kind, thank you.
J x