Monday, 1 September 2014


It's coming up to six o'clock and it is still almost dark.  The days are rapidly getting shorter now and the mornings and evenings increasingly cool.  Fortunately, the daytimes are, or can be, warm and sunny and that's just how yesterday was.  A beautiful day.

I did virtually nothing.  It was the last opportunity to be bone idle so I took it and held it firmly in both hands.

And today we're back at school.  Just the teachers today and the office staff.  Hopefully there will be nothing too hairy.

Have a good day, whether it be busy or relaxed.


joanygee said...

Have a peaceful day sans children. Jx

Chrissie said...

Have a good (uneventful) first day back!

Sonja said...

You're right about it being dark until so much later in the mornings - I am really noticing this now as well. We are an hour later than you and I am noticing that, too.
Hope you've had a lovely first day back. :o)

Joy said...

Thanks, Joan, Sonja and Chrissie. It was fine and it was lovely to see everyone again. Looking forward to today.
J x