Thursday, 24 April 2014


It's just starting to get light here.  The sky is a middle grey and the houses are just starting to uncover their faces.  I can't tell the weather from here and I'm too lazy to get up and find out but let's hope it's heading for a pleasant day.  I'm on playground duty morning and afternoon so I'm hoping for sun.  The children are happier in the sun.

It's been a strange old week so far.  I have a student on his second SCITT placement so haven't actually done an awful lot of direct teaching but it's been hard work all the same.  Mentoring is no doddle.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday thought.  Just before staff meeting I was confronted by some little girls from last year's class and their mums, together with several bunches of flowers and a bottle of nice white (now chilled and ready).  Very sweet of them.  So that's a great start to the old birthday today, coming down to see those lovely flowers.  So kind.

I can't believe another birthday has arrived.  It seems only a few months since the last one.  A sure sign of getting old, I guess.

Today we are doing the old 'what happens to the water when a plant drinks' investigation and, as always, there will be left over celery.  So that means cream of celery soup or perhaps I can blanche it and freeze for LBTL (as it's free).  Or is that cheating?

Which leads me very neatly to the next request (sorry).  Today is Beth's last day Living Below The Line.  Mine starts in around ten days' time.  if you would like to support us by donating to ActionAid, you can do so through this link.
Many thanks.


Sue Stelfox said...

Happy birthday, Joy! :0)


Annabeth said...

Happy Birthday Joy! Have a wonderful day! Axx

Joy said...

Thank you, both of you. It's been lovely so far.
J x

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm so excited, I've managed to wish you a Happy Birthday on the right day ;-)
Have a lovely day, Joy.
Cider lass.

Joy said...

LOL - thanks Ms Cider!It's going well with a take away to come!
J x

Vetka Taskova said...

Happy birthday,Joy, from Sofia, Bulgaria! I'm math's teacher. I wish you health and fortune! Vetka (it's my name)

Joy said...

Thank you very much, Vetka. Welcome to my blog. :-)
J x